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    Some time ago I posted a problem with the windows client sporadically freezing and needing a complete system reboot before working again:

    I needed a while to check out the proposed potential solutions, because the problem happens quite randomly. Sometimes I can use it for hours or even days without problem and sometimes it happens after a short period of time. The result is that the problem is not gone in whatever proposed configuration combination of server and client I have tried. In the meantime I even had a Windows 10 update and multiple drivers were updated to latest versions on the client machine and a upgrade to Ubuntu 23.04 on the server. But no change in behavior.

    You have closed the original post about the problem and marked it a solved. I guess this is happening automatically after a while. Sorry, but I needed some time to be sure that I try out the proposals and observe the behavior. The problem is not gone. I have a slight suspicion that using copy-paste across client and server window make is a little more likely to crash as described. I also observed that without decoding acceleration on the client it crashes faster. But both observations are hard to reproduce and might also be a coincidence.

    To be honest I have a suspicion that security settings and malware protection on the client machine might interfere. It is a corporate machine and I therefore cannot just disable them. The server is my private home server. So my use case is to use NoMachine to gain access to my home server GUI from my work machine. I also use the Enterprise Client rather than the usual client to make sure I do not have a server running on the work machine. I furthermore use this through an SSH tunnel setup with forwarded ports. This means the client is configured to connect to a local port, which is forwarded through an SSH tunnel to the server machine. But a direct connection to the server in the LAN shows the same described behavior of sporadic crashes. So I assume that the use of an SSH tunnel is not the issue here.

    Any more ideas?


    Hi. In your old post you said “the remote window and the client application window are both frozen”. Do you mean that both the window showing the remote desktop, and the one listing the existing connections, are freezing?


    I also replied to the mail I received about your question, but I can also repeat it here in case my mail answer did not reach anybody:

    I tried it out and left both windows open. They both freeze/crash simultaneously. And no window of the client opens again after the crash. In Windows task manager I see processes of the client being started, but no window is opening on the client desktop. The server installation on the ubuntu system is however very stable and did never crash. In the meantime I upgraded Ubuntu to 23.04. All good on the server. Only issues on the Windows client.

    In the meantime I also upgraded to the latest version 8.5.3 of NoMachine client and server. It looked good and stable for a while, but also the latest version did finally show the same symptoms. I guess I was just lucky for a while.

    I would not even mind that it occasionally crashes. Just restarting the client would be ok. But it is annoying that it crashes in a way that only a complete reboot of the client machine is helping to recover.

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