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    Thanks for reading my post graywolf.

    I kind of figured that was the answer.

    Sometimes though, if you ask a programmer to do something they haven’t thought of yet, you might get a response like, “Sure, I can do that, I just didn’t know that’s what we needed.”

    I know this because I have been that programmer more than once.

    My ideal solution would be to provide a configuration file that details my setup; each line contains a description of a monitor. In an xml format the file could say which monitors should be used by NoMachine.┬áNoMachine reads the config file and determines the best way to fill the screens. Trying to guess the hardware from the OS doesn’t seem to work well. NoMachine, ExceedOnDemand, VNC etc., all have a problem doing this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)