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    Britgirl wrote:

    Whatteva, no need to filter anything. Just send the whole file to us as it is 😄

    Post Link: https://forum.nomachine.com/topic/crash-on-debian-linux-bullseye#post-43415


    This file is 70MB … are you sure ?

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    I have the same problem on Debian Bullseye X11 (not Wayland) with NoMachine 8.4.2 but I only sporadically use it so I don’t know when/which update is responsible.

    I can connect to the server without problems from other linuxes (Rocky linux 8 / X11).

    The modification of /usr/NX/etc/node.cfg did not solve the problem.

    journalctl shows:

    Mar 13 11:32:09 maxwell kernel: nxplayer.bin[5366]: segfault at 7fb1d8ceddc0 ip 00007fb22fd1fdf4 sp 00007fb1a0ff8378 error 4 in libc-2.31.so[7fb22fc9d000+15a000]
    Mar 13 11:32:09 maxwell kernel: Code: 29 4f 10 0f 29 57 20 0f 29 5f 30 48 83 c7 40 48 83 fa 40 77 d0 0f 11 29 0f 11 71 f0 0f 11 79 e0 44 0f 11 41 d0 41 0f 11 23 c3 <0f> 10 26 0f 10 6e 10 0f 10 76 20 0f 1>


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    the “misconfiguration” appears to happen when the RH/AL 8.3 NoMachine server updates. The client complained about not finding any sessions to connect to and asked me if I wanted to create a new one. I had the uninstall – erase /usr/NX – reinstall again on the server.

    I’m just puzzled nobody else has experienced this on a RH/AL before.

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    I’ll answer with my solution for the record … and in the hope it might help someone.

    I uninstalled NoMachine on the server and reinstalled version 7.5.2_1.

    I had done that before hoping that going from version 7.4.1_1 to 7.5.2_1 might have resolved the issues but to no avail; however, this time I also deleted the “/usr/NX” directory before reinstalling.

    As by magic everything works again normally.


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