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    Hello, Thanks for the quick support. But I’m looking for a way to install Linux on the mesh only the server. The server without the client. You should be able to intrude through window on the Linux machine without the possibility to intrude again on a different machine from the Linux machine. Therefore I need an installation for the Linux machine without the client. Named by you package includes the server and the client. A user who has connected to the Linux machine that will not have the ability to intrude from there, to other machines. I would like the client to switch “Browse connection and New connection” disable.

    Should not go, then I‘ll probably put in the node.cfg the switch “DisplayMonitorIcon 0″. With the disadvantage that the user does other useful features.

    Thanks again

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    So, now everything runs fine. Thanks again for the help. Now I only have the problem that the new installation does not recognize our existing license. This should be compatible yet. Must the licence.lic” and the “node.lic are copied to a different place than in version 3.5? Or I have to let our existing license upgrade with them?

    The error message is:
    NX> 611 No subscription information found. Please visit the
    NX> 611 NoMachine web site at http://www.nomachine.com/
    NX> 611 to acquire a valid subscription.
    NX> 611 The NX server can’t perform the requested operation.
    NX> 999 Bye.

    Our license:
    Product: NX Enterprise Server Node
    Expiry: Thu Jun 12 09:49:27 CEST 2014
    I installed:

    That’s right. In your description, is that of NX Enterprise Server 3.5 is —> NoMachine Terminal Server 4.

    Thank you

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    Hello, thanks for the hint.

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    Hi, thanks for the answer.
    When I am logged in as “root” and give a command “nxserver –list” then I get the message..
    bash: nxserver: command not found
    The nxserver Service is running and the NX connection from the windows client to the server goes.
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    Hello Titan,

    thanks for the answer.

    The problem is resolved. it was the environment variable that the commands nxserver were not found. Now I have a question. Do I have the right version installed? Acquired we have licenses for the installation of “nxnode, nxclient and nxserver”

    Date: Tue Jun 25 09:49:27 CEST 2013
    Product: NX Enterprise Server Subscription
    Customer: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    E-mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Product Id: LESS
    Currently I have installed no machine-terminal-server-evaluation_4.0.370_2_x86_64.rpm

    Is that the correct version of our licenses? Sorry, but in the many new releases I look no more by what is ultimately responsible for what?

    Thanks again for the support.
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)