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    I had the same problem on my Kubuntu 14.04 station.

    I enabled the logging level 7 and, after having a look at the logs, I finally figured it out and managed to get it to work; unfortunately, the reason it was failing on my machine is so dumb, I am embarrassed: it seems that for some unknown reason, my /etc/hosts did not have an entry for the localhost (which caused some failures when starting up the servers).

    If you get unknown host when you ping localhost, then you have the same problem. Just saying…

    I had many lines like these in the log:

    29593 29593 18:40:27 660.272 Io/Io: WARNING! Error is 99, ‘Cannot assign requested address’.
    29593 29593 18:40:27 660.304 OpenSocketToListen: ERROR! Unsupported address family.

    that gave me a hint of what was going on.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)