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    NoMachine server host, 2 monitors

    NoMachine client host, 4 monitors.

    I want to full screen to only monitor 1 and 2 on NoMachine client host. I believe this is not possible.
    I have seen many posts about this feature. The earliest is probably ~2015. All the links to the feature requests are gone.

    I assume this is not supported, true?
    If it is supported please detail how I can accomplish my goal.
    If it is not supported, and there is a feature request, can you share a link so I can see status?

    This is a needed feature, would be great if this could be implemented soon.



    currently with multi-monitors client side, it’s possible for virtual Linux desktop sessions (Enterprise products only) to be spanned on all monitors or to a specific monitor.

    I recently wrote a response to a similar question which you can see here: https://forum.nomachine.com/topic/multiple-remote-desktops-on-multiple-local-desktops#post-43975

    What you are interested in is written in the second part of my response “For a later version, we are going to implement the possibility to have multi-monitors on the server side which can be managed as separate windows on multi-monitors client side. In each of these separate windows users will be able to apply all the usual settings, like applying a different scaling factor, resizing the window to any size, sending the window to fullscreen and placing the window in any desired location.”

    Unfortunately, we cannot give a definitive ETA. Development priorities are currently on NoMachine Network (www.nomachine.com/network) and v9. Work on the feature you are interested in may start after that.

    Regarding your question about a link to the Feature Request, we made the decision to no longer publish our internal development roadmap. For this reason I cannot provide you with a link.


    @Britgirl, thanks for the details, looking forward to the feature implementation.

    I did find a work around based off the link you shared. I actually found the link yesterday after posting. For now I do the following.
    1) Connect one session to the host, and select monitor1
    2) Connect second session to host, and select monitor2

    This works with Enterprise Desktop. However it does not seem as stable as I would want it to be. The main problem I am running into right now, is randomly a session window will just crash / close. No Error to reconnect, no error message box, just disappears. Then I am forced to reopen the session and select the monitor I want. I never had this issue when just connecting one session.

    I tried the following troubleshooting:
    1) made sure I was using ethernet not wireless. Be aware I am connecting inside of the same LAN.
    2) tried rebooting the client and server.

    Is it expected that that connections would disconnect like this? Is this a known bug? Any recommendations to troubleshoot more, or fix this issue?



    In your other topic, https://forum.nomachine.com/topic/default-monitor-connection-per-machines, you wrote:

    Client: Windows 10 Pro (systeminfo version: 10.0.19044 N/A Build 19044 ) — NoMachine version — 8.4.2 free
    Server: Windows 11 Enterprise (systeminfo version: 10.0.22000 N/A Build 22000 ) — NoMachine version — 8.4.2 Enterprise desktop

    I’m assuming it’s the same set up for this topic as well.

    We’ll need the logs from both player sessions and the server-side logs. To get logs, please follow the instructions here for both player and server:


    Step 4 is dedicated to the player logs. Steps 1-3 are for the server. Please send all attachments to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.


    Hey, sorry for delay on this. I have gathered the server logs and sent to the email address you shared. Let me know if you need any other types of logs or for me to reproduce the problem.

    I was able to regenerate the problem (kind of). It seems to happen when I do a combination of click between session 1 session 2 and my clients hosts and/or use clipboard. At some point one of the client sessions with just end abruptly, with no error message.



    Thanks for those.

    Are you able to also send us the nxtrace.log file on the client-side machine? The file is usually in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\NoMachine\var\log.


    @Britgirl, I zipped everything in NoMachine/var/log from the client and sent it over. Let me know if you need anything else.


    Thanks for additional nxtrace. We have also reproduced the same issue, related to the clipboard, and are investigating.


    Exciting! I should warn, I am not 100% convinced the ending of sessions is triggered ONLY by clipboard access. I think there have been other key combinations that have caused it too, not sure what they are though.


    @Britgirl, any update on this?


    As I mentioned, we have reproduced the same behaviour and opened a Trouble Report which you can track using the following link:

    As a workaround, focus on the window of another application before switching to another NoMachine client window.

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