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  • in reply to: Server status is stuck on querying the server #39750

    Thank you for the response.

    It appears this error may have been a symptom of a greater OS problem. As earlier today my entire system had a kernel panic and refused to boot (Symptoms included a corrupted root and efi partition)

    Most likely the issue was attributed to this larger system error.

    Reinstall of the OS and NoMachine has resolved the server query problem.

    in reply to: How to designate single UDP port for server? #33420

    Just changed that cfg file on Linux (Debian 10). Looking at logs its attempting to connect to the CLIENT on port 4001 (my chosen udp port). Is there not a way to connect to the SERVER on udp port 4001?

    in reply to: Service doesn’t start on Windows 10 #32748

    Here is the application crash log. KERNELBASE.dll seems to be a problem? This appears to be a bug with NoMachine.

    xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-16″

    WindowsNTVersion 10.0/WindowsNTVersion
    Build 17763/Build
    Product (0x4f): Windows Server 2019 Standard Evaluation/Product
    Edition ServerStandardEval /Edition
    BuildString 17763.737.amd64fre.rs5_release.180914-1434 /BuildString
    Revision 737/Revision
    Flavor Multiprocessor Free /Flavor
    Architecture X64 /Architecture
    LCID 1033 /LCID

    EventType APPCRASH /EventType
    Parameter0 nxservice64.exe /Parameter0
    Parameter1 /Parameter1
    Parameter2 73657922 /Parameter2
    Parameter3 KERNELBASE.dll /Parameter3
    Parameter4 10.0.17763.737 /Parameter4
    Parameter5 7416f3ae /Parameter5
    Parameter6 000006d9 /Parameter6
    Parameter7 0000000000039129 /Parameter7

    Parameter1 10.0.17763. /Parameter1
    Parameter2 1033 /Parameter2
    Parameter22 1502 /Parameter22
    Parameter23 150254cc3c7c5fba0ca56d2b0cbc51b6 /Parameter23
    Parameter24 62ab /Parameter24
    Parameter25 62abb0e97a8f885f70067a019f84793a /Parameter25

    MID CEED3BFD-1999-41A9-AB56-C0D58DF4F461 /MID
    SystemManufacturer VMware, Inc. /SystemManufacturer
    SystemProductName VMware Virtual Platform /SystemProductName
    BIOSVersion 6.00 /BIOSVersion
    OSInstallDate 1617437487 /OSInstallDate
    OSInstallTime 2021-04-03T08:11:27Z /OSInstallTime
    TimeZoneBias 05:00 /TimeZoneBias

    UEFISecureBootEnabled NotCapable /UEFISecureBootEnabled

    Guid d00a61c0-7188-4265-b4df-c00fb2aa7981 /Guid
    CreationTime>2021-04-04T01:14:00Z /CreationTime

    in reply to: Service doesn’t start on Windows 10 #32747

    NoMachine 7.4.1_1 on Windows server 2019 build 17763 (release 1809), service does not start on boot.

    ServiceExecServer: ERROR! Failed to start nxserver processs.
    nxexecExecServer: ERROR! Failed to start server process
    nxexecExecServer: ERROR! Cannot execute nxserver process.
    Error code is : 0.

    Weirdly enough I have another Windows server exact same build and release that NoMachine service works completely fine on. Only difference is the one that doesn’t work is a domain controller.
    I also have a Windows 10 Pro build 19042.804 that the service works fine on as well (not domain joined).

    Has no one found a solution?

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