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    1. The main NoMachine window is fullscreen as well? On what monitor is it positioned?

    The main nomachine window is not fullscreen, it’s in a window on the same monitor as the remote connection window

    2. What method do you use to disconnect the NoMachine session? Disconnect menu, Command+W, etc.

    Ctrl Alt 0 > connection > disconnect

    3. For how long do you keep the lid closed before opening it? Minutes, hours or days? This question could seem unrelated, but the closed lid triggers different macOS states depending on the time it stays closed.

    On the order of an hour, never with the connection established though, I always disconnect before closing the lid or locking the machine. This issue sometimes even occurs when the machine stays plugged in with the lid open, but macOS locked (Ctrl + Cmd + Q)

    4. Do you plug the monitor before or after opening the lid?

    The monitor is plugged in before opening the lid.

    5. Assuming the main NoMachine window goes in the external monitor, did you ever notice cursor problems when interacting with the GUI?

    Nope, only with the remote connection.

    6. What is the type of session you run remotely, a virtual desktop (on Workstation/Terminal server products) or a physical desktop sharing?

    A physical desktop

    7. When the issue occurs, how do you work around it to restore the cursor functionality?

    Exit nomachine with Cmd + Q and then restart nomachine

    FWIW the external monitor is a different DPI than the built in display

    in reply to: Mouse often in wrong place #47218

    I can consistently repro this issue when:

    1. NoMachine is running fullscreen on an external monitor
    2. I end the NoMachine session, but the app is still open
    3. I unplug the monitor and close the lid of my laptop
    4. I replug the monitor, and the NoMachine window with the computer icons reappears on the external monitor
    5. I start a NoMachine session, and the window appears fullscreen on the external monitor, but mouse cursor position is incorrect

    I’ve replied to the email

    I’ve also confirmed the integer multiple theory – setting my display scaling to “looks like 1800×1169” (render resolution 3600×2338) and my NoMachine resolution to 1800×1169 got me crisp text again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)