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    I have not opened a support ticket – only this post. Maybe someone else had the same problem?

    BTW: Take a look at the error message also:

    – There’s punctuation error – the dot should be followed by a space (and not preceeded). You might fix this as well.


    in reply to: Problems on MacOSX if in an AD domain? #3967

    $ sudo -V
    Sudo version 1.7.4p6a

    $ sudo -l -U samod
    Matching Defaults entries for samod on this host:
    env_reset, env_keep+=BLOCKSIZE, env_keep+=”COLORFGBG COLORTERM”,
    env_keep+=LSCOLORS, env_keep+=SSH_AUTH_SOCK, env_keep+=TZ, env_keep+=”DISPLAY XAUTHORIZATION
    XAUTHORITY”, env_keep+=”EDITOR VISUAL”, env_keep+=”HOME MAIL”

    User samod may run the following commands on this host:
    (ALL) ALL


    samod  ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL

    When you join the mac to the domain, the user can use their short name. For example:, then use samod. SSH will also accept  as the username. However it’s better to use the short name.

    The mac is setup so, that when you first login as a domain user, an account is created.

    BTW: I’m still experiencing 1. in 2.2.25.




    in reply to: Problems on MacOSX if in an AD domain? #3965

    I installed 4.2.25 – the same happens.

    There is nothing being logged when the login fails in /Library/…NoMachine/var/log.

    I also trying to provide a local user with admin priviledges -> I’m unable to authenticate. I can’t change the connection preferences.

    in reply to: Troubleshooting frequent reconnects #3871

    Installing the 4.2.23 Windows client solves the problem. Seems it was not the MTU after all.



    in reply to: Headphone redirection #3593

    Using pavucontrol, I can see:

    Playback: NoMachine: NoMachine on [Null Output] *

    Recording: NoMachine: NoMachine from [Monitor of Plantronic USB Analog Stereo]

    Output Devices: – Plantronics .Audio USB Analog Stereo

    – Built-in Audio Analog Stereo

    – Null  Output *

    Input devices:

    – Plantronics .Audio USB Analog Stereo

    – Built-in Audio Analog Stereo

    * – the VUmeter show activity when speaking into the headphone mic on the laptop


    So it seems the laptop mic is redirected to the server… I just don’t know how to connect it to KVM. Also I though this would be somehow automatic – I can’t reconfigure KVM each time I change seat. Is there a way to create some fake recording device that would once be connected to my laptop’s mic and at other times locally?




    in reply to: Troubleshooting frequent reconnects #3592

    Found the problem. It seems that my VPN client adapter MTU was too high. I lowered the MTU and now the reconnects are few and far apart. If reconnect happens it eventually connects (before it was hanging).

    Anyway… would be nice to know how to troubleshoot such problems? Can logging be enabled?


    in reply to: Page peel too sensitive #3544

    The bottom is occupied by the taskbar. BL is the start menu, BR is the volume icon.

    What about having a “show advanced settings” or an extra configuration page (named: Tweaks) to move such settings? I’d also be happy by changing a registry setting or configuration file.

    in reply to: General usability comments #3253

    > We can’t just make “click in the corner” the action to minimize.

    I am using “show extended icons”… it’s just a nag to aim and click on the right icon – it’s easier just to go directly into the corner and click (as said: once set-up I’m not using the menu any more). So if you would have an option – “Do {minimize|show menu|else} when clicking on black” (and then replacing the icon that is not the default in the extended icons) that would be OK. You could also always draw the menu extended icon. You can always switch to the menu using CTRL-ALT-0 – you could warn the user if he changes the default that the only way to get back the menu is by using the hotkey (or maybe right clicking in the corner? :)).

    If that is not possible at least provide a minimize hotkey… like CTRL-ALT-9 (or configurable).

    > add an exit button to the NX menu: only way to exit on Windows is to use ALT-F4 or switch to task manager and kill-it.

    You misunderstood… To reproduce (I’m using the Linux client):

    – fire up NX Client, expected: you see the menu with a list of connections – don’t connect to anything!

    – now try to exit: I can exit only with ALT-F4

    > Are you asking why is the menu an overlay and not a window that you can move inside the remote desktop?

    No. I just thought that the ‘menu’ would be a normal windowed application and not show full screen. Opening a new connection would result in a new window opening up. You would have then 2 (normal) separate windows, one the ‘menu’ the other the ‘connection’ (they would be listed in the taskbar)… I could then switch to the menu window again and fire up another connection resulting in 3 windows. Well… I see now the drawback of this solution: to change any settings in the current connection you would have to go back to the ‘menu’ window since there would not be any overlay within the connection.


    in reply to: ALT-F4 from Windows client (NX 4) #3254

    Great, thanks.

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