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    thank you for providing this information. I can confirm that after disabling and stopping the Wacom ISD Service, there have been no further freezes on my side.


    Hello Britgirl,

    in our department we are using HP Notebooks. In my case its an EliteBook x360 830 G7, although there are slight model variations among us. We’ve noticed that there is a “Wacom Device” listed in the Device Manager, and the “Wacom ISD Service” is running.



    • Do you have more than one Player running, connected to multiple desktops?

      The freeze happens in both cases.


    • Is the main Player window, showing the list of machines, freezing as well?

      Yes, freezing as well.


    • Open Task Manager and kill one NoMachine Player process at a time. Do the other Player’s start working correctly?

      No, if the freeze happens, player will not start until re-login/restart. Killing the remaining processes has no effect.


    • When you can manage to start a new NoMachine Player, if you shutdown temporarily the NoMachine server do you see other processes running in Task Manager? How are they called? If you kill them, can you start correctly a new NoMachine Player?

      Its impossible to start a new NoMachine Player after freeze.
      Server is running stable.
      The following NoMachine processes still exist after such a freeze:


      Starting the NoMachine client creates a new nxplayer.bin process, but no gui.
      At least on my pc there is no %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\NoMachine\var\log\nxtrace.log file.

      Kind regards


    Hi there,

    I am currently evaluating NoMachine in a corporate environment and we are facing the exact same problem with the current (8.8.1) Enterprise Client (Win10+11) and Terminal Server (Ubuntu) on multiple computers.
    As soon as the NoMachine client freezes, you have to log out and log in again or restart the computer.
    Simply killing the NoMachine process has no effect, the client GUI does not open anymore.
    Any ideas to stop the NoMachine client completely until a fix for this problem is implemented?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)