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    Ok, thanks for the response.

    The ‘force_hdmi_hotplug’ forces PI to act like there is monitor plugged (so there is no switching to really low resolutions).

    A bit odd is the part where the server starts with the OS when monitor is plugged in. ARMv7 packages do not work properly on Raspbian, which is mostly ARMv6 compatible. To check if it works connect via ssh to your Raspberry and try to manually start the nxserver:

    ssh <pi_username>@<pi_local_IP_address>

    Once you are connected:

    sudo /usr/NX/bin/nxserver –startup

    If you will get lots of messages about incorrect GLIBC, then you should install ARMv6 package on your Raspbian (if you would like to use ARMv7  package, consider using Ubuntu MATE, on Raspberry PI3 it runs quite efficiently).


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    First off, I need to make sure your Raspbian is configured properly for the headless run.

    In the /boot/config.txt have you uncommented the ‘force_hdmi_hotplug=1’?

    Does your Raspbian automatically go to desktop after startup? Or do you have to type ‘startx’ in the terminal to run X server after startup?


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    Yes, the packages have been tested, and Ubuntu MATE for Raspberry Pi is not, generally speaking, well optimized. It seems heavy and slow, the load average on this system for 15 minutes period indicates 2.33 cpu utilization without NoMachine even installed and the system being idle! (maybe except for using htop).

    We have published results of what works best. You can see them here:

    Right now, until MATE is optimized to run more efficiently, changing the system you are using for something more likely to work with much lesser CPU loads (e.g Raspbian when running NoMachine Client indicates about 1.7 average cpu utilization) is the best way forward.

    We are investigating ways to allow NoMachine to install on all devices and their OS flavours. As more are added, we’ll update the notes. As for the Odroid c1, it’s on our to-do list of devices to test.

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    Hello patmac,

    It is really great to hear you feel satisfied with our software 🙂 I hope we will continue that way 🙂

    As for your problem, for BBB Debian Wheezy as a temporary workaround I suggest installing the ARMv6 package, it is running fine.

    We are going to look into it, and as soon as the solution will come out, we can let you know.

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    Hello Stan

    Sorry, my bad 🙂

    Headless Raspbian is in fact defaulting to some low resolution.

    Although the solution may be found in this topic

    for me it was enough to uncomment


    in /boot/config.txt file.

    Since I use



    with forcing hotplug headless Raspbian started at resolution 1280×960.

    Let us know if that works for you 🙂

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    Hello TIA

    to get to the source of the problem we need to ask you if the operating system you are using on your Raspberry is Raspbian?

    We can only guess at the moment that the answer is yes, and if so, you can use raspi-config script to allow Raspbian automatically enter GUI at startup. Just enter

    sudo raspi-config

    at the terminal to call this script. Option 3 wil allow you to set the result of booting up.

    NX server should startup automatically with the GUI. Please let us know if that solves your problem.

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