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    Hi Britgirl

    I’ve sent the logs now, sorry for the delay.


    I did in fact try disabling UDP yesterday, and the last 2-3 sessions in the log were done without UDP and I still encounter the same problem.

    For reference since I forgot to mention it in the original post, the client machine is running Windows 7 and the server is running windows 10 (in a VM).

    I’ve had the same setup for years and that’s the first time I’ve had crippling issues like that, hence why the client is still running Windows 7. it only occurs a seemingly random amouny of time after using NM and it’s only fixed by rebooting the machine, if I don’t reboot it will become unstable and the client will just drop any connectivity to the internet as long as the NX player is connected/trying to connect to the server.


    I’ve tried to single out a cause, or causes, but I just don’t understand what’s going wrong here so let’s hope the logs help out 🙂


    I’m afraid I can’t offer a quick solution for your configuration.

    No worry, it’s a niche problem, I “shouldn’t” be putting 600dp on my phone anyway, the normal “max” dp is 240 or something like that.


    We’ve experimented multiple solutions but none of them was good enough to unlock the orientation, so unless we change the interface to be the same on all devices

    Big brain play here:

    Make a tablet mode and phone mode button? It could artificially tells the app that the device is only in Xdp instead of Ydp.

    Jokes aside, I don’t think most people have an issue with how the interface works in tablet vs phone mode, but yeah the OSK thing, that’s something really interesting for me, that function really made [removed :] interesting. both those issues are a small detail for me on android.

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    Hi Britgirl and NM team

    I’ve read through the update log for 7.3.2, and I didn’t want to start a new thread or issue just in case it’s isolated to my PC.

    I looked at 7.2.3 and I don’t see any mention of this issue.


    Lately I’ve been experiencing some issues with both NoMachine and my “internet”.

    In last week my internet has completely dropped out, I can’t seem to ping my domain or google, all of “internet” seems to stop working after a while of using NoMachine, if I close down or if the player times out I get back “internet”.

    I’ve tried to look for a cause on this PC, but I can’t seem to pin point the cause other then it looks like the nxplayer seems to be the cause of it. On the same network all of the other machines work fine but non of them are connecting to a nxserver, when ever I connect to my machine I’ll get ping failures/my internet will drop for 10-60 seconds until I either close down the active NX window or it times out (after 2min) this happens at random times, idk how long it takes some times it’s half a day, and some times it’s within the hour.

    Is there a way to log something from the nxplayer to see what is wrong with the NX install on the client side?  when I look at the ping or general log of the servers everything seems fine, On the server I keep a constant ping to google and no packet has been dropped since boot/disconnect, and the servers has been up and running for 88 days (one server I use), 24 days (host server),  2 hours ( god d*** windows 10 update, it should be 24 days as it’s the guest machine that I mainly use that runs on the host).

    I really don’t know how to label this issue, how to properly explain it, where to post, or where to look for a solution.

    I just know that if my connection is randomly lost, and that causes my background ping loses “google” it will quickly and without fail pick it up if I close the nxplayer window (disconnect), if nxplayer is kept running internet for the machine will be unstable.

    I’ve tried WIFI, LAN, (USB) LAN over android, and WIFI over android, so it’s not a modem issue, it’s either a computer specific issue or something with nxplayer. Since I can’t seem to reproduce the issue on any computer I have… I don’t where to look for other then a client side log, that I can’t seem to generate with enough detail.

    in reply to: Feature requst: Dropped packets/frames #31227

    Heio Britgirl, thanks for the answer.

    I’ll take a look at those statistic and see what I can get out of it, but NoMachine in it self works really well especially considering the distance Im trying to push on the type of network we are using vs what we are expecting out of it 🙂👍

    I’ve include a litte road map of the distance just for fun because I’m still amazed it doesn’t feel like a slide show all the time 🤯

    in reply to: Cannot assign requested address #30616

    I did find the solution a couple of minut/and hours after starting the thread, I don’t remember what threat it was, but the solution came from the forum.

    But as you, Haven, mention for some reason the installation proceeded successfully even though there was a problem if the hosts file.
    Except I do not see any ERROR  in the nxinstall log.
    I can include the most recent nxinstall.log and a cut down version of the error logs because I fixed the issue rapidly after doing this install.

    Obviously I removed 110367 lines from error log plus the last regular logs lines since they include my ip and are just “info”, but I did not touch the nxinstall.log

    Hope this helps answer why my install proceeded without any warnings or errors (that I can see).
    You could try in leap, just edit the hosts file and see if you get the same results (successful install without errors).
    I made a typo previously the hosts file was set to: hostname
    instead of the regular localhost hostname

    in reply to: Cannot assign requested address #30577

    I figured the problem!

    It ended up being just the file /etc/hosts causing the real issues.
    Apparently using “systemctl start wicked” wrote over “/etc/hosts”, where was over written with: host
    instead of: local host
    thanks for the 1.7GB log,seriously nobody though about it?

    “can’t resolve localhost”
    ping localhost… is it no?! “please log this 16000 times “no resolve””
    host? no this can’t be localhost it’s not on the “look up table for localhost that is”

    in reply to: High GPU Utilization #28805


    That’s good to know that the ghost mouse issue is known and being worked on.
    I’ve included the log of the old windows image that was giving me problems, NoMachine got reinstalled, but it still gave me the same high GPU utilization with the new drivers, until I just reinstalled windows for that machine.
    Aas I said it seem to be solved with a clean install of windows with the latest drivers and it works fine (except that ghost mouse), but if it helps solving some unknown issue then I’d gladly upload the logs.

    Just a heads up in nxdx.log there’s about (exactly) 161353 lines of the same error, about every 60ms 🙂
    GenericMode: ERROR! OpenMutex() failed with error [‘5’]

    in reply to: High GPU Utilization #28779

    I didn’t notice that the images were too big 🙂
    I uploaded them to imgur

    View post on

    Anyway I don’t actually think I tried enabling MP4 as I just did now and the GPU utilization fell to 0.

    But in that time I’ve just reinstalled windows, NoMachine and the latest drivers, so far the GPU utilization issue seems to be solved, but I can’t stop noticing that the latest version of NoMachine leaves a “ghost mouse” and it still feels noticably slower then it used to (moving windows around lags a behind even on LAN).

    I’ll try to see if I can find an older version of NoMachine to install it and see if there’s a difference there.

    I’m sorry if this a bit messy, but at least I had to point out that GPU utilization could be an issue with the latest Nvidia drivers.


    in reply to: CA Authority (openssh like) #25567

    Now that I’ve tried and though about it, it doesn’t seem like Windows and NoMachine are going to play nice with each other.
      obviously ed25519 isn’t supported, NoMachine seems to be more focused on Linux based machines.

    That’s a shame, either I allow a user or don’t, that’s basically the same result as allowing users to login through a rsa key under the NX protocol under ANY OS, and kinda bypassing the benefits of a CA, they could just add a Windows user and add their key, while the Linux user gets an error because his key to “write” wasn’t signed.

    I tried switching the PID file in the config, and the the nxsshd file (point to sshd.exe)…
    is there a way to use the standard SSH server (not nxclient)? because I’m able to login on the machine with a signed cert, but not via NoMachine because of “ed25519 not supported


    in reply to: CA Authority (openssh like) #25540

    Hey Cato

    Thank you for responding, I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed a small break from this 🙂

    I’ve configured OpenSSH for windows 10, and I’m able to login via standard ssh with a signed key that expires after x time.
    The key is ssh-ed25519 (with the -m PEM option added when generating the key as per (AR03Q01020)
    but then I try to use the key with NoMachine I get the error:

    “userauth_pubkey: unsupported public key algorithm: ssh-ed25519

    userauth_pubkey: unsupported public key algorithm:
    (this points me to (FR05Q03832) it doesn’t seem like NoMachine is compatible with ed25519)
    the RSA key give me:
    Accepted publickey for (user)  (port) ssh2

    I’m able to add a key with ssh-rsa to the authorized_key file in the OpenSSH server config (not the NoMachine).
    but I’m not able to login with the signed key.
    if I un-comment the rsa key I’m no longer able to login to NoMachine via, but I’m still able to SSH into windows with the signed key.
    Here is what I’ve tried in the authorized_keys file in C:\user\(user)\.ssh (I’m not using the default admin config):

    ssh-rsa AAAA…

    #cert-authority ssh-rsa AAA… 

    This allows me to login to NoMachine with standard rsa key, but not the ssh server with the signed ed25519 key

    #ssh-rsa AAA…

    cert-authority ssh-rsa AAA…

    This allows me to login with the singed key on the ssh server, but not NoMachine.

    I’ve tried signing the standard rsa key and use it to login to the ssh server on windows 10, but that doesn’t work, so it seems ed25519 is required for windows.
    I’m wondering if there’s a compatibility issue? I tried DSA but that didn’t work (:
    Any pointer to where I should be looking to would be greatly appreciated as it seems like I’m getting closer to solving this issue 🙂

    in reply to: CA Authority (openssh like) #25515

    well I made some progress
    I tried adding “expiry-time=”20200206″ ssh-rsa Ablablabla”
    that didn’t work, but I figured could just add all the keys as a comment with that line and look for the signature in a scrip.
    That seems to be an easy way to filter through the keys.
    I tried using the SSH option in NoMachine but it’s not supporting any certificates generated by open-ssh, and it’s not supporting a lot of the ssh commands I’m used to.

    I’m really at a lost here, am I missing something or is it something fundamental to the NoMachine protocol(software) that I didn’t understand?

    in reply to: NoMachine License through KVM/QEMU #25322

    Thank you for the reply.

    It wasn’t very clear to me what the different versions/options did as this is the first time I’m shopping for commercial software 😁
    One thing I knew, it wasn’t going to be “personal use” anymore.

    I got a question about the 10 packs though/need clarification just to make sure.
    Do I understand it correctly that if I buy the 10pack version for Windows, it means I can only install that version on Windows VMs? and if I had some VMs running Linux/MacOS I’d need to buy those packages individually?

    Also slightly unrelated the “number of connection” saying it was unlimited on all the products was puzzling, because I’ve encountered some times where I’m able to have two users on the same VM via the free version of client/server, I’ve tried multiple times to implement it on my different machines, because it would be really cool… though I’m guessing that’s actually a bug and not something I need to set up.
    (believe me I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong since it “wasn’t working”!)

    It has only happened on Windows machines and I don’t know how to replicate it  to register a bug report (or else I’d be using it all day every day), but I figured I’d mention it and you guys do what ever you want with that info 🙂


    Anyway I think I got a better idea of what I’ll need, I’ll wait for some confirmation on the pack for different OS, but it looks like I won’t need to look for another remote desktop options, since I already have a product here that I know works, and I’ve been using for enough time that I can trust it would work for commercial use 🙂

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