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  • in reply to: User unable to connect to NoMachine after reboot #42669

    Majkl, we got the nxdb file.

    Could you try running as admin:

    C:\Program Files\NoMachine\bin\nxserver --updatedb

    There is chance that it will fix some problems. Do it if possible when nomachine is shutdown.

    Also clean reinstall (removing old files) could solve issue.

    in reply to: Screenlocking fails with SLE 15 SP4 #40931

    A while later I managed to collect a log where disconnecting from xfce didn’t lock the screen (with xlock),

    Any chance for those collected logs? If possible I prefer logs from /home//.nx/
    where is physical desktop owner when problem happen.

    in reply to: Can’t connect to Mac after reboot #40593

    Open as admin

    and add there line:
    OSXSetActiveIfOnlyOneDesktopSession 1

    Save it and reboot machine, please check if it helps.

    in reply to: No available desktops on this server #38221

    We can see in nxserver.log in home directory, that localnode stuck / dying when it tries to get access.

    25019 25019 2022-04-05 07:44:07 676.173 NXNODE libnxhn::NXSimulateEvent(1) start.
    Load failed: 5: Input/output error
    Try running <code>launchctl bootstrap</code> as root for richer errors.

    Can you run ps -ef | grep nx and check if there is any nxnode process running with parameter --localsession?
    If there is no such process, then it probably died. This can happen when nomachine is restarted on login window or when vnc session is running.

    Do you have maybe any vnc sessions on that machine?

    If process died unexpectedly, there should be a core dump file or diagnostic report. Please check directories below if there is a new one related to nxnode process:


    Could you also confirm that the user is logged on to his session when nxserver --restart is executed?

    in reply to: Two machines using same advertising information #37014

    Can you please send us the nxdb file from /usr/NX/etc/ directory to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com, referencing the topic as subject ?

    Please also tell us if the new nxdb file is generated after --addtoredis command or after --startup command? (you could easily re-do it if you are not sure)

    in reply to: Two machines using same advertising information #36913

    So there is now TR for it:

    but in meantime you could run:
    sudo /etc/NX/nxserver –shutdown
    sudo mv uuid uuid.backup
    sudo mv nxdb nxdb.backup
    sudo /etc/NX/nxserver –addtoredis
    sudo /etc/NX/nxserver –startup

    It should help you 😉


    Could you check if process nxserver –daemon is dying every time when problem appears? (check with ps -ef | grep nxserver, if new pid is up error).

    We will need nxserver –daemon logs, because problem is probably on that process. Is it possible to enable logs before gathering? ( https://knowledgebase.nomachine.com/DT10O00163 )

    Also what means “After adding the username in the server.confg file”, where exactly and how you add them?

    in reply to: Desktop is not shared #33117

    It looks like there could be some problem with audio interface and it crash. Did you change anything recently related to audio interface?
    Could you try to disable audio?
    To do this please edit as admin file:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\etc\node.cfg

    Find line:
    Uncomment it if it is commented already and set disable:
    AudioInterface disable
    Then restart NoMachine.

    in reply to: Desktop is not shared #33042

    Yours db looks ok, so the problem is somewhere else. I saw your logs but they are only from ProgramData directory and we need also enabled logs from


    You can enable logs manually, and then restart NoMachine with command

    nxserver --restart

    started in cmd which is run as Admin in directory

    C:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\bin\

    You can also enable logs with a command from cmd
    here is an article explaining how to do it, and then also restart NoMachine.

    Then you need to gather logs, I prefer the method described here:

    Important for me are logs:
    because looks like on your machine node is started but it closes immediately.

    in reply to: Desktop is not shared #33036

    Looks like the update went wrong on your installation.
    There are a few options:
    1) Reinstall NoMachine:
    -Simply remove NoMachine, restart the machine, install a new one and restart the whole computer should help.

    2) Check if the file:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\etc\nodes.db

    exists. (if there is nodes.db.backup or .orig, simply rename it and continue)
    If yes, then run “cmd” as Administrator, go to directory:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\bin\

    and run

    nxserver --updatedb

    and then

    nxserver --restart

    3) If the above file does not exist
    then run “cmd” as Administrator
    go to directory

    C:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\bin\

    and run debug command

    nxserver --addtoredis

    and then

    nxserver --restart

    in reply to: Desktop is not shared #32940

    Could you please send us the file:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\NoMachine\etc\nxdb
    from that Windows?

    It will help with the investigation. Thanks!

    in reply to: Server does not start #32494

    The logs don’t indicate anything odd. If we send you special packages with added debug, would you test it and send us result?

    in reply to: Server does not start #32332

    Please check in the process explorer if it is running nxservice.exe or nxservice64.exe also check if in task manager in tab “services” nxservice is running.

    If all the above are running please enable logs one more time and send them on the forum. To do that you need to follow the instructions here: How to gather debug logs for support requests.
    I guess there is no problem with the license reading but I don’t see if the main server is starting (you send disabled logs and they don’t tell much).


    in reply to: Server does not start #31829

    I received only logs from client side, after reinstall. But there is error:

    Failing reason is ‘The remote host ‘’ refused to establish a network connection on port ‘4000’. Please verify that NoMachine is correctly installed and listening on the port where you are trying to connect, and that incoming traffic is not being blocked by a firewall or NAT.’.

    are able to ping that machine ( from one where nxclient is?
    Are you sure that ports 4000 and 4001 are open in firewall? Or they are forwarded in dynu dns?


    Could you try to change the path in key UserNXDirectoryPath in node.cfg to some directory where everybody has access? Could be something temporary as /tmp/

    Second question is, are you using AD domain? Or is it some kind of LDAP configuration?
    How it is configured?
    Could you try to provide login in the format:

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